Draw Your Future

Matters of Living

Watch this video for a very interesting proposal on better goal setting and achievement by Patti Dobrolowski.

She challenges participants to draw out what they do not like about the status quo of their lives and how they imagine a more ideal future. In drawing a picture, the participant documents these factors – the “before” starting point and the “after” desired. This action is important because the visualization will bring back accountability in every future moment when it is looked at. And the visual is simple; with a quick glance, the ideas and related emotions will come to mind.

The drawing is used as a long-term tool to induce certain feelings in the person whenever it is looked at. But then what? Personally, I find that documenting my thoughts and goals, has been very beneficial. In Dobrolowki’s model, the negative images portrayed for the status quo nag the mind to…

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Examine Life

Matters of Living

The unexamined life is not worth living. – Socrates

I am starting with this quote as it relates closely to the essence of my blog. It is credited to Socrates who is recognized for contributions to philosophy and posing questions to his students that generated new insights and ideas.

In observing general social behaviours, talking to others, and reflecting on my own thought processes, I realized that the average lifestyle does not sustain a process of conscious consideration and decision making. During a seminar I attended, the speaker showed numerous examples of empirical evidence which demonstrated that our inherent strategy is to keep things simple (this leaves us open to be more easily influenced – but that is a concern for another day).

For many life decisions, it is not a make-or-break deal so skipping the examination for a more instinctive approach may be acceptable. However, even the little things…

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Why Philosophy?

Our conceptual framework, our lifestyle, our ideology, our climate of opinion, or our worldview is usually taken for granted as the intellectual ground that we walk on. But, sometimes, it is necessary to examine that ground, to look carefully at what we usually take for granted. If we are planning to construct a house, it is a good idea to investigate the ground we will build on, especially when something seems wrong—the soil is too soft, or it is on a fault and susceptible to earthquakes. This is often the case, too, with our conceptual frameworks; as soon as we look at them, they may seem to be soft, ill formed, perhaps in danger of imminent collapse, or liable to disruption by a well-placed question or confrontation with someone who disagrees with us.

An excerpt from The Big Questions: A Short Introduction to Philosophy by Robert C. Solomon and Kathleen M. Higgins

Build Your Wealth

“The greatest of wealth is the richness of the soul.”                     – Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

By virtue of our nature, we seek happiness, perfection, and purpose to be warranted as successful in our lives. But, happiness attached to a circumstance can pass, perfection in any thing or idea would seem impossible in this world, and purpose can often be misplaced. As recommended by this quote, we should pursue enlightenment and practice goodness. I am not trying to tell you what is the right way or not. But for any given situation, there will be better or worse choices and opportunities to learn from, so it is important to beware.



Keeping Up with NaBloPoMo

Out of 18 days so far, I have missed 4 days of posting for NaBloPoMo. So, I have done 13 posts in the month of November, which is significantly better than my previous efforts at blogging. However, this experience has taught me that daily posting is not for me. I think I need more time to put my writing to good use and come up with something interesting and original. So far, I have posted items that interest me or I find enlightening. But it reflects my own thought and analysis to a limited extent, which is disappointing.

My goal is to keep up with posting content to complete NaBloPoMo as good practice and discipline for working on my blog. Beyond that, I will try to expand what I can put into words/

Image Credit: https://www.tumblr.com/search/writing+quotes

Reconsider Your Life

For today, I decided to do my first repost. Recently, this issue has become particularly relevant. We get complacent with our lives and lose touch with what we really want to do and the things in life that are most important. Check out my original post and this comic. It made me stop and reconsider what I am doing, where I really want to go, and whether I am headed in the right direction. Recently, I have talked to people who are depressed about the state of their life and some who are headed for exciting adventures. Comparing the two, I have to say the unhappiness is not worth it and we must not overestimate security or overlook opportunities. For me, good news is that I realized I am not doing so bad. I am not exactly where I want to be but I am taking little steps in the right direction. Best of all, I am investing more time in writing and feeding my curiousity.


Growing up and going to school, we are made to see life as full of spectacular, exciting choices, risks, and achievements. As soon as I got beyond that threshold, I took more notice of other things: the struggles of a daily life and survival. But sometimes, we cannot find the right balance between all these ideas.

This comic really caught my attention Read more

Three Common Mistakes of Everyday Life

  1. Wasting time.
  2. Talking about matters that do not concern us, matters that are none of our business.
  3. Being preoccupied with trivial issues. Listening to rumours, predictions, and gossip are three common examples. Having this characteristic results in paranoia, anxiety, and a lack of purpose in life.

– Don’t Be Sad

Increasingly, we are becoming victim to unnecessary information and stress that drains our time and energy on a daily basis. This noise in our lives deters us from productive and righteous tasks. Indulgence in these distracting matters often also leads to behaviour that can be followed by guilt, regret, or depression. Instead, Islam recommends that conversation should focus on good purpose. Society can provide many opportunities for us to seek knowledge and good companionship.

Excerpt was taken from the book Don’t Be Sad written in Arabic by ‘Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni and translated by Faisal ibn Muhammad Shafeeq.

The Formula for Productivity

This Productivity Map shows that success must be a combination of precise goal setting and the discipline to carry out the actions to achieve those goals. Largely, my level of ambition lands me in the top quadrant of this diagram, in the realm of Procrastinators.

What is it that deprives me of discipline? My guess is that it would be due to habit and my vague approach in planning. I can be more of a daydreamer than a planner and executor.

So, what is it that has enabled me to keep up with NaBloPoMo (I will not blame myself for missing a post on a particular long and stressful day at work)? I have not pinpointed the answer but there is something in my mind which tells me that I cannot miss my post for the day. And this sense has not diminished over the span of 12 days. Often times, my initiatives start out focused but it dwindles fast.

The amazing thing about progress is that it motivates more progress and makes discipline easier. Now, I just have to capture this momentum to last me the month and beyond to grow my blog, and apply this success of discipline to my other ventures.

Image Credit: http://www.dragosroua.com/the-productivity-map/