Growing up and going to school, we are made to see life as full of spectacular, exciting choices, risks, and achievements. As soon as I got beyond that threshold, I took more notice of other things: the struggles of a daily life and survival. But sometimes, we cannot find the right balance between all these ideas.

This comic really caught my attention because it makes some excellent points:

– We fail to question the ideas we are taught that determine our values, goals, and how we live our lives.
– School is often more of a rat race than an environment focused on learning and progress.
– We dream of ambitions and achievements that we may never take a step towards. Short-term and long-term goal setting and reflection get muddled in day-to-day routines.
– At some point, we fail to realize how much our lives have been a product of what we have been expected to do by society – work 9 to 5, take an annual vacation etc.

I will share my personal experience on these more in the future but for now, enjoy this wonderful comic:

CHRIS GUILLEBEAU: 11 ways to be average by ZenPencils

Being Average


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